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US Elections: No Illusions, Deadly Politics Will be Increased! (WiPoKuLi)


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US Elections: No Illusions, Deadly Politics Will be Increased! (WiPoKuLi) Empty

info US Elections: No Illusions, Deadly Politics Will be Increased! (WiPoKuLi)

Beitrag von lupa am Mo 07 März 2016, 04:43

US administrations have competed for monstrousity. And they do not only compete with individual assassinations, dozens of „collateral damages“ in drone attacks or hundreds of thousands of war victims, or possibly eight to ten millions of dead people like in Congo, thanks to Clinton, but aiming at many more millions:


In deed US politics makes one look full of sorrow (especially for our children and granchildren) into the future. The US entanglement on the side of the war mongering government of Israel is the result of two spectacular operations done by the Neocons (the first by those days so called „Warriors“ inside the US Power Elite), giving Israel´s government enormous black mail power over the US Power Elite: Kennedy´s assassination and Nine Eleven:


The world, especially the Southern Hemisphere should be alarmed! Trump is concerning certain aspects almost an open Fascist (by all means a white Suprematist), but „Killary“ is in deed the Neocons spearhead in the Democratic Party and will most probably get the full Neocon support (which she „earned“ for example by her blood thirsty help to destroy Libya). If one wants to know what is in the Neocon „pipe“, one should read their think tank papers. In September 2000 the US Think Tank "Project for the New American Century" issued the paper "Rebuilding America´s Defenses". On page 60 you find the announcement of Fascist atrocities! It reads:

„And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.“


Surely it should not target white Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASPs)! About the possible consequences: “Zika Virus and a Strange Case”:


& „Ebola: Pandora´s Box Opened Since Long?“:


It appears that the slogan after Fascism´s break down “Never Again” is blown in the wind!

Andreas Schlüter

My articles on the USA: https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/list-of-my-articles-on-the-usa/

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